049 Best Behaviors in the Office


(Office ambience)

A:Hi Chen Hao. How are you today?

C:出于礼貌,我也许应该说I am fine. 但实际上我正在气头上呢。

A:What's wrong?


A:That happens all too often, and it is aggravating - especially when you are short on time, which I guess you are.


A:This might be a good subject to bring up at our next team meeting. It's hard to work together successfully if we aren't considerate of one another.


A:I bet we all could, but I would like to see you propose what actions people could take to create harmony and facilitate a good working environment.




A:So Chen Hao tell me what other issues are on your mind.


A:It shouldn't matter how urgent your project is, the considerate thing is to let someone know about the problem even if you don't have the time or ability to solve it.


A:You are right. It's everyone's job to clean up after themselves and put things back where they belong.



A:Not at all. You are learning by experience the steps you can take to make your co-workers' jobs easier and more productive. Everyone benefits when we work together.


A:We should ask to have time on the agenda for discussing copy room issues. The three most important would be (1) refill the paper tray when you finish a job; (2) if there is no more paper, let the appropriate person know; and (3) put things back where they belong.