101 Go Green 3


Tim: Morning everyone. As promised, we are returning to our topic from till couple of weeks ago: How can we make this firm more "green?" I'm sure you all remember environmental consultant Henry Peterson who has joined us here today.

Henry: Hello and good morning.

Dana & Faith: Hi, Henry. Nice to see you again.

H: Thanks. Great to see you all. As a quick re-cap, last time we discussed ways to save electricity and reduce office waste. And we also talked about buying carbon credits when traveling on business trips.

根据两周前的约定,公司总裁 Tim 再次邀请节能专家Henry参加会议,商讨公司节能措施。Henry说的a quick re-cap, 意思是总结概述。

F: Yeah, I've already started implementing those ideas in my division. It's only been two weeks, but I'd say most people are getting the hang of it.

H: That's great! Ok, then...have you done your homework? Who's discovered some other ways this company can save?

Faith说,她已经开始试行一些措施。Henry问,have you done your homework? 有没有事先做好准备,意思是有没有想到更多的节能措施。

D: I want to talk about packaging. We use some very nice-looking plastic clamshell packaging, but I'm thinking we could cut down on the packaging and cut both our expenses and our carbon footprint.

H: Yes, I see what you mean. These days many products are over-packaged. But if you can accept using fewer materials -- or use mainly recycled materials -- you could then advertise how "green" your company is.

Dana提到产品包装。她觉得,如果简化包装,不用plastic clamshell packaging,硬塑料壳包装,就能减少开支和污染。 Henry补偿说,如果公司采用回收材料,recycled materials,还可以用环保做宣传。

F: But is it ethical to use environmental issues in advertising?

T: I'd vote "yes." As long as the claim is verifiable, it can be advertised.

D: Yeah, I'd agree. People have a right to know if you are trying to help solve the problem or simply contributing to it.

H: This is a company. Companies need to make a profit. I believe there is business sense in going green and telling the world about it. Many customers will appreciate your efforts and might even pay a tad bit more if they really believe your company is doing its best to help the environment.

Faith提出,在广告里打环保牌是否符合行业道德。总裁Tim觉得没有问题,只要内容属实,as long as the claim is verifiable. Henry也说, There is business sense in going green and telling the world about it. 采取环保措施,并且加以宣传是符合商业理念的。