155 Intuition 1

销售部的Steve, Faith和Katie开会讨论项目进展。Steve说,

Steve: Ok, so are we all agreed that we'll move forward on this project?

Faith: You know, I'm not so sure. I have a funny feeling about this.

Katie: You smell a rat?

F: Kind of. All I can say is that something is definitely not right. I just "feel" it.

Steve征求大家意见,决定项目可否进入下一阶段。可Faith说,她总觉得哪不对劲。I have a funny feeling about this. Funny在这里不是好笑,而是奇怪的意思。Katie问,you smell a rat? Smell a rat,也是觉得可疑、不对劲的意思。Faith承认,她也说不清楚,I just "feel" it. 就是一种感觉。

S: But Faith, do you really think we should base a decision on a feeling?

F: Well, feelings can be a warning. I believe very strongly in the power of intuition.

K: Do you mean that emotions are important, even in the business world?

F: Yes, I do. You know how people say, "I have a gut feeling?" What they really mean is that their intuition is giving them a signal.

Faith说自己特别相信直觉。I believe in the power of intuition. intuition is spelled i-n-t-u-i-t-i-o-n, intuition,直觉。很多人都说,"I have a gut feeling," gut, g-u-t, gut. gut feeling,也是直觉的意思。

S: But we should make choices based on data and information...not emotions!

K: I think perhaps both information and intuition are necessary.

F: I agree. Data is for the brain but intuition is for the heart.

S: But every decision we make in life is based on the available facts, no?

F: Not really. When we go on a date with someone, we usually make a decision about whether or not we like someone almost instantly?

Steve好象很理性,认为一切决定都应该以事实为依据。Faith却认为,不能一概而论,比如说,When we go on a date with someone, 跟别人约会,俩人是否会继续交往下去往往都是一上来就决定了。

K: That's true. I usually only have to meet a man for less than a minute before I know whether or not I want to date him.

S: And that's intuition?

F: Yes, and we use it every day. Intuition is very important in business. Remember your first job interview here?

S: (Chuckle) Yep. I was so nervous! I was sweating and stammering.

F: But my intuition told me you would make a good employee...and I was right!

Faith说,我们其实每天都会用到直觉。Steve第一次面试,紧张得浑身冒汗,说话也结结巴巴的,可Faith却说,直觉告诉她, My intuition told me...Steve一定会是好员工,结果一点没错。