235 seeing sb.;break up

Larry和李华在公园里散步,Larry告诉李华他的朋友Rick最近交了一个女朋友。 李华今天要学会两个常用语Seeing Someone和Breaking up。

LL: Hey, Li Hua, have you heard the news? Rick is seeing someone.

LH: Rick is seeing someone? Rick在看人。这有什么奇怪的,我也在看一个人呀。I am seeing someone, too.

LL: Really? You are seeing someone, Li Hua? Who is it?

LH: 就是你呀。 Larry. 我不是在看着你吗?

LL: (Laughs) That's pretty funny, Li Hua. But, by "seeing someone" I don't mean Rick is looking at someone with his eyes.

LH: 你不是说"Rick is seeing someone"吗? 他不是在看人, 那是什么意思呀?

LL: When I said Rick is "seeing someone," I meant he was dating a girl.

LH: OH! 你是在说Rick有了一个女朋友。Although I'm seeing you,但是我们不是男女朋友的关系。

LL: Right, we are just friends, Li Hua. We go out and do things together, but we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. We aren't seeing each other.

LH: 事实上, 我现在根本就没有男朋友,I am not seeing anyone.

LL: It's OK, Li Hua. I'm not seeing anyone either. But Rick is pretty serious about the girl he is seeing.

LH: Rick已经换了好几个女朋友了,你说他这次真的会很认真吗?那女孩是谁呀?

LL: Her name is Jennifer. Rick has been seeing her for about a month or so.

LH: 嗯,Jennifer。交往了才一个月,你怎么知道Rick对这个女孩很认真呀!

LL: You're right, Li Hua. It hasn't been very long - but ever since they started to see each other, they've been doing everything together - going out to eat, seeing movies, and taking walks in the park.

LH: 热恋的时候当然是形影不离了;一起吃饭, 看电影,一起去公园散步,多浪漫。Larry, 那边走的不是Rick吗?跟他牵着手的女孩子就是Jennifer吧?

LL: That is Rick across the park. But that is not the girl he has been seeing.

LH: 那个女孩子不是Jennifer? 难道Rick另有所爱了?

LL: I don't know. I'll ask him.


LL: Well, Li Hua, you were right. Rick is seeing someone else. He and Jennifer broke up.

LH: 果然Rick又有了别的女朋友。 哎,你说他和Jennifer broke up,那是什么意思呀?

LL: To break up means to end the relationship. Apparently, Rick broke up with Jennifer last night.

LH: 昨天晚上才分开,Rick就已经和别的女孩手牵手了, 真是不可思议。

LL: From what Rick says, he decided to break up with Jennifer, because he met someone new that he liked even better.

LH: Rick遇到了他更喜欢的人,所以和Jennifer分手了。 真是喜新厌旧的人呢,Jennifer一定伤心死了。 Rick是怎么跟她说的呢?

LL: Rick said he called Jennifer last night on the phone and told her he wanted to break up.

LH: 什么?他只是打了个电话,这太不礼貌了,他至少应该当面道歉。

LL: Well, I guess since they hadn't been seeing each other very long, he didn't think it a problem to break up over the phone.

LH: 他们交朋友的时间虽然是不长,可是毕竟是谈过恋爱的。如果我的男朋友突然打来电话要分手,我会很难过的。

LL: Well, at least Rick didn't send Jennifer a text message telling her he wanted to break up.

LH: 电子邮件?Larry,你跟女朋友分手不会只发个电子邮件吧?

LL: Well, me personally, no. But I've known guys who have broken up with girls by sending them a text message.

LH: Larry, 你可不能像他们那样。

LL: I promise, Li Hua. And right now it is an easy promise to keep, considering I'm not seeing anyone!

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是seeing someone, 意思是跟某人谈恋爱。还有一个是break up, 意思是分手。
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