334 cut out for...

开春了,李华和Larry在后院种花种菜。今天我们要学两个常用语:cut out for和fruit.

LH: Larry, 我说的没错吧,种地就是好,既能回归自然,又能有所收获。

LL: Uh ... I'm not sure about that. My back hurts from digging all these holes, and I think some ants have crawled into my pants.

LH: 腰疼?不要紧的,过两天习惯就好了。而且,就算真有蚂蚁爬到你的裤子里也没有关系,蚂蚁不咬人,等一会儿,它自己就爬出来了。

LL: Thanks for the encouragement, Lihua, but I just don't think I'm cut out for gardening.

LH: Cut out? 我们这才开始育苗,离修枝还远着呢!

LL: Actually, Lihua, when you say that you're not cut out for something, it means that you aren't suited for it.

LH: 哦,我明白了, cut out for something,就是适合做某件事情。那你是说自己不适合种地喽?

LL: Right. I'm more cut out for indoor activities, like watching TV in my air conditioned apartment..

LH: Larry, 别泄气,你也不能因为腰疼那么一小会儿,就彻底排斥室外活动啊。

LL: Well you know, I'm just not cut out for outdoor activities in the spring. There is so much pollen that my allergies get really bad.

LH: (Sneeze, sneeze again)哎,这倒是真的。不过,我们还是不能因噎废食,快来帮我参考一下,这些花苗怎么摆更好看。

LL: You can decide where to put them, Lihua. You know that I'm terrible at art, so I don't think I'm cut out to be a landscape artist.

LH: 不会景观设计没关系,我可以教你!记不记得,当年的麻婆豆腐还是你这个老外教我做的呢!

LL: Oh right, but I don't think I'm cut out to be a cook either. That mapo doufu was terrible!

LH: 别忘了,熟能生巧,practice makes perfect. 我刚拿到驾照的时候开车简直就是二把刀,可如今呢,早就是行家了。

LL: To be honest, Lihua, I'm not sure you're cut out for driving. We get really lost every time you drive the car.

LH:Larry, 那不是迷路,我那是故意带你转一圈,欣赏沿途的美景。说到美景,咱们还是赶紧种花吧!



LH: 好,Larry, 大功告成。

LL: Yeah ... sure ... I hope we can sell some of those tomatoes to pay for a masseuse for my back!

LH: 什么?你要把这些西红柿通通卖掉,用赚来的钱去做按摩?要我说,你快别抱怨了,还是好好欣赏一下我们工作的成果吧。

LL: You're right, Lihua. I have to say, it is nice to look at this beautiful garden and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

LH: Fruits? 果实,那可要等上两个月,才能吃到嘴里呢!看来不是装的,你还真对园艺一窍不通。

LL: Actually, Lihua, the fruits of your labor are the reward you receive from your hard work.

LH: 哦,the fruits of my labor就是指我的劳动成果,并不一定是吃到嘴里的果实。是啊,忙了大半天,总算可以停下来,欣赏一下这么美丽的园子了。

LL: Exactly! Or if I studied really hard for a test, I could say that the perfect score I received would be the fruits of my labor.

LH: 我以前好象也听别人这么用过fruit这个词。

LL: Well, you can also say that something "bears fruit," meaning that it produces good results. For instance, I just started working out last week, I will have to wait a few months for all my efforts to bear fruit.

LH: 我看也是,你刚才就挖了两个树坑,就累得喘嘘嘘的,好象跑了马拉松似的,太缺练了!

LL: Well, Lihua, you will be able to enjoy the fruit of all my labor this summer when we go to the beach and I can show off my muscles.

LH: 好啊,就怕你一直待在屋里,猛然脱下上衣,一身雪白的肌肉会刺得我睁不开眼睛。

LL: Very funny. Now come on, let's go out to a restaurant. I may not be cut out for gardening, but I'm definitely cut out for eating!

今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是cut out for, 意思是适合做某事。另一个是fruit, 意思是努力的成果。