Working to Improve the Condition of Everglades National Park

    1.subtropical a.亚热带的

    例句:The wahoo is a dark blue scombrid fish found in tropical and subtropical seas.

    2.endangered adj.有危险的,濒危的

    例句:The International Wildfowl Research Bureau watches over endangered species of birds thoughout the world.

    3.expansive a.扩张性的, 使扩大的, 广阔的

    例句:Under the nurture of the writhing Yellow River, the expansive middle land is thriving.
    4.wetland n.湿地, 沼泽地

    例句:There are about 101 families of wetland vegetation and about 8200 kinds of wetland bio-species.

    5.complexity n.复杂, 复杂性, 复杂的事物

    例句:A ubiquitous directory service eliminates complexity.

    6.drain v.排出, 喝光, 耗尽

    7.native a.本国的, 与生俱来的, 自然的

    例句:He should take advantage of his native intelligence.

          Spanish is my native tongue.

    1.When many people think of Florida, images of sandy coastlines or theme park rides come to mind.

    come to mind想起

    例句:I just picked up whatever goods come to mind.

          The title just will not come to mind.

    2.In addition, more than three hundred fifty bird species and three hundred species of fresh and saltwater fish live within the park.

    in addition另外

    例句:If you buy a dozen, you get a half dozen free in addition.

    若后面有宾语,则用in addition to

    例句:We have to give the users something new in addition to what we already offer,which is the only way to broaden the  appeal of the website.
    3.The base played a part in the nuclear tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union.

    play a part起作用,相当于play a role

    例句:Exercise has a major part to play in preventing disease.

    4.Today, fifty percent of south Florida's early wetland areas no longer exist.

    no longer不再

    例句:They were trying to put one over on us and they would no longer get away with it.

    They include what is said to be the largest growth of mangrove trees in the western half of the world.


    1. 表示“……的东西或事情”:

    They’ve done what they can to help her. 他们已经尽力帮助了她。

    He saves what he earns. 他赚多少,积蓄多少。

    What Mary is is the secretary. 玛丽的职务是秘书。

    2. 表示“……的人或的样子”:

    He is no longer what he was. 他已经不是以前的那个样子。

    He is what is generally called a traitor. 他就是人们通常所说的叛徒。

    Who is it that has made Fred what he is now? 是谁把弗雷德培养成现在这个样子的?

    3. 表示“……的数量或数目”:

    Our income is now double what it was ten years ago. 我们现在的收入是10年前的两倍。

    The number of the students in our school is ten times what it was before liberation. 现在我校学生的数量是解放前的10倍。

    4. 表示“……的时间”:

    After what seemed like hours he came out with a bitter smile. 似乎过了几个小时他才苦笑着出来。

    The young girl was too frightened to speak, standing there for what seemed like hours. 小女孩吓得不敢说话,在那儿站了几个小时。

    5. 表示“……的地方”:

    This is what they call Salt Lake City. 这就是他们称为盐湖城的地方。

    In 1492, Columbus reached what is now called America. 1492年哥伦布到达了现在所称的美洲大陆。

    That is why it is hard to tell a powerful storm, Hurricane Andrew, caused severe damage to the area in nineteen ninety-two.



    What the police want to know is when you entered the room.


    The trouble is that we are short of funds.


    This is what we should do.


    That's why I want you to work there.


    His first question was whether Mr. Smith had arrived yet.


    as if, as though, because也可用来引导表语从句。

    She seems as if she had done a great thing.


    It is because you eat too much.