A Beautiful Planet in IMAX 3D

04 July, 2016

Astronauts onboard the International Space Station have recorded a new IMAX 3D film, "A Beautiful Planet." Just as the name says, it shows the great beauty of the planet we all live on – Earth.

"One of the most important things of all is being able to see from day to day what we here on the ground can't see so clearly; what is happening to our Earth and how we are changing it." (Sound from "A Beautiful Planet" courtesy of IMAX Entertainment.)

Director Toni Meyers trained the astronauts how to use the IMAX 3D cameras. She spoke to VOA. Meyers said, "They are wonderful to train because, of course they are the smartest people in the world. That's why they're astronauts. They are really good learners."

Director Meyers also reported what she learned while working on the film. She said Earth is gentle and easy to damage.

In her words, "The thin line of the atmosphere that's just above the earth is all there is between us and the cold, black, and harsh vacuum of space. And even though we've discovered other planets around the stars, they are too far away for our present technology to take us there. So, this planet is all we have and we need to take care of it."

The film shows the effects of fossil fuel gas releases and other pollution, especially in industrialized nations. But there is good news. The film also shows a healthy Chesapeake Bay in North America. It was once extremely polluted. But an activist campaign came to the rescue. Toni Meyers says this proves the environment can get healthy when people work together and take action.

I'm Dorothy Gundy.

(Sound from "A Beautiful Planet" courtesy of IMAX Entertainment.)

"Almost 300 degrees on the sun side of the space station, you get in the shade, it's -275 degrees. You feel that inside the suit."

Penelope Poulou reported on this story for VOANews. Dorothy Gundy adapted this story for Learning English. Caty Weaver was the editor.


Words in This Story

onboard adj. carried or happening in a vehicle

smartest – adj. very good at learning or learning about things

harsh – adj. difficult to accept or experience

vacuumn. emptiness of space

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