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    A policy dispute is taking shape in Washington over a government agency that helps exporters. On one side is the American business community. On the other side are conservative Republican Party lawmakers. Unless Congress takes action, the Export-Import Bank of the United States could be forced to stop accepting new customers at the end of June.

    W.S. Darley and Company is a 108-year-old family business. It makes fire trucks in the United States, and sells them all over the world.

    The Export-Import Bank provides loans or other assistance to buyers of U.S. products. Peter Darley is Darley's Chief Executive Officer.
    美国进出口银行向美国产品的买家提供贷款或其它援助。彼得·达利(Peter Darley)是达利公司的首席执行官。

    "They (the customers) can spread their payments out over a period of time, makes it more affordable."

    Business leaders and officials say small companies making products from pickles to ice cream have received help from the Export-Import Bank. The bank's supporters recently met in Washington. They say U.S. exports would slow without help from the government agency. And that, they say, would hurt economic growth.

    The Export-Import Bank also provides help to big companies. The aircraft maker Boeing receives help from the bank. Boeing says it would have to move some of its manufacturing jobs overseas without the help it receives.

    But Delta Airlines has a different opinion about the government agency. Delta says the bank has helped foreign customers buy airplanes from Boeing at a lower cost than it can. The airline company says that hurts its profits and U.S. aviation jobs.

    Delta's concerns are one reason for planned hearings next month in the U.S. Senate. This week, the House of Representatives' Financial Services Committee held hearings. Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling is a Republican and chairman of the committee. Before the hearing, he said big companies get the majority of the bank's assistance.
    达美航空公司的担忧是下个月计划在美国参议院举行听证会的原因之一。本周,美国众议院金融服务委员会举行了听证会。德克萨斯州众议员杰布·亨萨林(Jeb Hensarling)是共和党,也是该委员会主席。他在听证会之前表示,各个大公司获得了美国进出口银行的大部分援助。

    "The smarter and fairer way to promote American exports is by fundamental tax reform, strong trade agreements, a regulatory freeze with the exception of health and safety, and greater American energy independence with projects like the keystone pipeline."

    But supporters argue that the Export-Import Bank provides important help when competing with government-supported foreign companies. The head of the bank, Fred Hochberg, says his agency helps both large and small U.S. businesses.
    但是支持者认为,美国公司在同外国政府支持的公司竞争时,美国进出口银行向它们提供了帮助。美国进出口银行行长弗雷德·霍赫伯格(Fred Hochberg)表示,该银行对美国大小企业都提供了帮助。

    "Companies come to us and say we either have to meet the competition, because foreign governments are supporting our competitors, or we are selling in a market where conventional financing is simply not available."

    Fred Hochberg says he is hopeful the Export-Import Bank will survive. He notes that 60 nations, including China and India, have similar agencies to support their exports.

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