Despite Talks, Bombs in Syria Kill 60

21 February, 2016

Despite a cease-fire, at least 60 people were killed in Syria in two attacks Sunday.

A double bombing in Homs early Sunday killed up to 60 people. Later, a series of attacks hit Sayeda Zeinab, south of Damascus.

Few details were available on the later blasts. The Syrian Observatory reported four explosions. Hezbollah's Al Manar TV said 22 people were killed.

Last month, explosions near a Shi'ite shrine in the same area killed at least 60 people.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that an agreement was made with Russia for a cease-fire in Syria's five-year civil war.

But with these attacks, violence continues.

The main rebel group in Syria said it is willing to accept a temporary truce if Russia halts airstrikes and the Damascus government ends its assault near the Syrian-Turkish border.

Russia has said it will not stop its airstrikes against what it calls terrorist targets in Syria. Diplomats call the truce a "cessation of hostilities."

The United States and others involved in trying to end the Syrian civil war said most Russian bombs are directed at rebels fighting the Syrian government, not at Islamic State terrorists.

I'm Christopher Jones-Cruise. reported this story. Kathleen Struck adapted it for VOA Learning English.

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