Emojis Say Volumes Without a Word ;)

14 October, 2015

Emojis (and emoticons) can tell a friend you are super happy! :-D

Or super sad. :-(

Without uttering a word. ;-)

And they save time typing.

Emojis are the icons that share a feeling, mood or thought with an image. Usually, it is an image of a facial expression. But it can also be a universal symbol, such as thumbs-up to indicate an acheivement or milestone.

Emoji vs. Emoticon
Emoji vs. Emoticon

Emojis are different from emoticons. Emojis are images. Emoticons are punctuation marks.

Emojis are used on websites, apps, text messages, email, social media sites and more. This website shows how to use emojis on computers running Windows 10. Look at the Apple website to learn about using emojis on Mac computers.

Your new device will come with many emojis. But you can get more emojis online. You can paste them into Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Instagram, Tumblr and more.

You can use emojis on your phone. But be careful, you may have to pay for each emoji you use in your text messages.

The BBC reported that some carriers in the UK were treating emojis like photos and charging users for each emoji they used.

If you use a lot of emojis, that could cost you a lot of extra money!

You can use emojis in fun ways. You can use emojis in place of the words of your favorite songs, such as Call Me Maybe.

You can use emojis to tell stories. These emojis tell the story of Les Miserables from the book, play or movie:

You can also send your true love emojis to show you care.

Emojis can also help people with autism, Aspergers and other communication issues. Emoji therapy can help people who can't say words to express how they feel.

People who can't understand feelings expressed in emojis may have issues. At AutismSpeaks.org, you can find apps such as the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app and therapies that use emojis to help people communicate.


You can use Stickers on Facebook. Tap or click on the happy face icon to see a list of Stickers you can send.

Stickers are drawings like emojis you can use on Facebook and in Facebook Messenger. Learn more about using Stickers from the Facebook help page.

You may see new emojis on Facebook if you live in Ireland or Spain. Facebook is trying new emojis to help people share their feelings.

Facebook calls these new emojis "Reactions." You may see these emojis on Facebook in other countries soon.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, they realize that not all posts will be Liked or even Disliked. "Not every moment is a good moment," Zuckerberg said at a Facebook town hall meeting last month.

Reactions give you a way to express a lot of different emotions. They are also easier to add than regular emojis or Stickers.