New on Facebook: Ordering Food & Buying Tickets

    22 October, 2016

    Some Facebook users can now order food and buy tickets on the social media site.

    The new service launched in the United States this week. Facebook designed it as a new way to connect users with local business.

    This idea is not new. There are many smart phone applications that already let users to search, order and buy many different products and services.

    But, Facebook's service is a little different. It lets users share information about their favorite places and things with family and friends. Facebook says its new tool makes it easier for users to organize their friends' favorite places and things in one place.

    When users write Facebook posts seeking advice on local places or services, they can choose whether to turn on the new feature, called Recommendations. If a user turns this on, Facebook friends can then comment on those posts and give suggestions.

    Facebook launches a new service called Recommendations, which allows users to order food and buy tickets. (Facebook)
    Facebook launches a new service called Recommendations, which allows users to order food and buy tickets. (Facebook)

    Users can also go directly to a Recommendations bookmark on Facebook to ask a new question or to offer help to their friends.

    The new service lets people order food directly from the Facebook pages of some restaurants. Users can also purchase tickets to movies, music events or other activities. They can also make appointments for personal services, such as getting a haircut.

    Facebook is testing the service in the United States. It plans to offer it to international users in the future.

    The new service is part of recent efforts by Facebook to expand its offerings and get people to spend more time using the social media app.

    A few weeks ago the company launched a feature called Marketplace, which allows people to locally buy and sell things. It also announced the start of Facebook at Work, which helps people connect in the workplace.

    This week, the company also gave users the chance to officially endorse a political candidate on the app. Facebook users can show approval for presidential candidates as well as those running for Congress or local office.

    Users can choose which Facebook friends can see their endorsements. If users make their choices public, political candidates are permitted to make the endorsement visible on their own Facebook page.

    The 2016 U.S. elections are on November 8.

    I'm Bryan Lynn.

    Bryan Lynn wrote this story for VOA Learning English. Ashley Thompson was the editor.

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    Words in This Story

    feature – n. an interesting or important part

    recommendationn. a piece of advice about what to do

    bookmark – n. internet address used to quickly find things on a regular basis

    endorse – v. to say publicly that you support a person or action