Is Sanders' Suit the New 'Dress?'

10 March, 2016

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Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton held their eighth debate on Wednesday night.

The two candidates met in Miami, Florida. Each is seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Dress
Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Dress

The Washington Post newspaper and Spanish language television network Univision helped organize the debate.

The candidates talked a lot about immigration reform and U.S. policy toward Latin American countries.

But on social media, people debated something else: the color of Bernie Sanders' suit.

People watching the debate on television could not agree on the color. Was it brown? Blue? Or black?

People on the Internet simply could not come to an agreement.

The clothing debate took over social media. It brought back memories of the 2015 "The Dress" debate. That started when a woman in Britain posted a photograph of a dress she liked on the blog Tumblr. She wondered if the dress had blue and black lines or white and gold lines.

Her Tumblr post went viral after the Buzzfeed website picked up the story and asked readers to vote on the color of the dress. The site received more than three million votes on the issue.

The trending hashtag #TheDress and the silly debate about its color divided people on social media.

Wednesday night, the color of the Vermont Senator's suit did the same thing. In fact, his suit now even has its own Twitter handle, BerniesSuit.

Thankfully, a Sanders campaign worker tweeted about the true color of the suit. At first, the campaign staffer tweeted: "the suit Senator Sanders is wearing tonight is blue."

But, minutes later, the staffer corrected himself. He wrote: the suit Senator Sanders is wearing tonight is black* *corrects for wrong color.

But, the staffer's answer did not satisfy everyone on Twitter:

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I'm Ashley Thompson.


Words in This Story

silly - adj. not serious, meaningful, or important

dress - n. a piece of clothing for a woman or a girl that has a top part that covers the upper body and a skirt that hangs down to cover the legs

handle - n (slang). a name or nickname