President Donald Trump won cheers by calling for unity in his speech to Congress Tuesday night.

    Trump appealed to Americans to unite and work together on job creation, national security and other issues.

    Some wished he gave the speech at the start of his presidency, just over 40 days ago.

    That was the opinion of The Mercury News in San Jose, California. "Had he (Trump) offered this speech a month ago, at least some of the panic that has accompanied his election might have been calmed," the newspaper said in an editorial.

    The Mercury News said it cannot forget that Trump in his speech asked for an end to "trivial fights" after fighting since the start of his presidency. His targets have included the news media, the U.S. National Park Service and even movie stars like Meryl Streep.
    《水星新闻》称它没法忘记,在经历了一上台就四面树敌之后,川普在这次演讲中要求停止“为微不足道的事情争吵”。他说这番话的对象包括媒体、美国国家公园管理局,甚至是梅丽尔·斯特雷普(Meryl Streep)这号电影明星。

    But the newspaper praised Trump for not talking so much about himself during the speech. Instead, it was "we, we, we -- as it should be in a democracy," the editorial said.

    Many of the president's supporters loved what they heard. In Holmes, Pennsylvania, Bryan Gallagher said, "To bring money back and jobs back, anybody that's finally talking about the economy and American workers. What's wrong with that?"
    许多总统的支持者都对川普这次演讲感到满意。宾夕法尼亚州霍姆斯市的布莱恩·加拉格(Bryan Gallagher)表示:“让资金和就业回到美国,终于有人谈论经济和美国工人的事情了。这有什么错?”

    Even some of Trump's critics offered praise.

    Van Jones is a liberal commentator for CNN television. Jones said he disagrees with most of what Trump proposed Tuesday night. But he said it was a special moment when the president recognized the wife of a U.S. Navy seal killed in Yemen. She fought back tears as lawmakers and others in the Capitol building stood and cheered for over two minutes in tribute to her husband's bravery.
    范·琼斯(Van Jones)是CNN电视台的自由评论员。他说,他不支持川普周二晚上发表的大部分言论。但他表示,川普总统向一位在也门遇害的美国海豹突击队队员的妻子表示了感谢,这是一个特别的时刻。当国会大厦的议员和其他人都站起来欢呼了两分钟,向她丈夫的勇气致敬时,这位妻子强忍住了眼泪。

    "He (Trump) became president of the United States in that moment, period," Jones said.

    Members of Trump's Republican Party joined in the praise.

    Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming said the president's speech offered "the same spirit of optimism that I hear from people all around Wyoming."
    怀俄明州的共和党参议员约翰·巴拉索(John Barrasso)说,川普总统的讲话呈现了“和怀俄明人同样的乐观精神”。

    Yet there were questions about whether Trump can put into action the long list of proposals he noted during his hour-long speech.

    "Like most presidents he was strong on the goodies, but a little weak on how to pay for it," said Texas Congressman Joe Barton, a Republican.
    德克萨斯州议员乔·巴顿(Joe Barton)说:“像大多数总统一样,他擅长画饼,但是不擅长兑现。”

    California Senator Dianne Feinstein added: "It sounds great to slash taxes and spend more money while at the same time balancing the budget, but that's not how real life works." Feinstein is a leading member of the Democratic Party.
    加州参议员迪恩·费恩斯坦(Dianne Feinstein)补充说:“减税、增加支出,同时平衡预算,这听上去很不错。但是这不现实啊。”费恩斯坦是民主党的领导成员。

    But an opinion survey for CNN found that about seven in 10 Americans who watched the speech said they are now more hopeful about the future of the country.

    Jeff Olsen is an educator and Trump supporter in Texas. "I would have felt a lot better hearing this speech five weeks ago," he said. "We're all Americans. We all want to see what's best for America, but I think there's a much more unifying tone in what he said this evening."
    杰夫·奥尔森(Jeff Olsen)是德克萨斯州的教育家,也是川普的支持者。 他说:“假如他5个星期前就这么说,我的感觉会更好。我们都是美国人,都希望美国好。但我认为今天晚上他的演讲更能把美国人团结起来。”

    Will he return to Twitter?

    There were questions about whether Trump after making a generally well-received speech about unity might soon return to Twitter to attack his critics.

    "He has been known to step on his own message with an aggrieved tweet or two," wrote Peter Nicholas in the Wall Street Journal. "In the White House, some senior aides are no doubt hoping the new president returns to (the White House), puts his phone away and goes to bed, having helped his cause."
    《华尔街日报》的彼得·尼古拉斯(Peter Nicholas)写道:“大家都知道他在推特上发过一两条愤愤不平的推文抨击过自己的言论。白宫的一些高级助手毫无疑问希望这位新总统回到白宫,放下手机,上床睡觉,这对他的事业有帮助。”

    International reaction

    Russia said it did not take issue with Trump's decision not to talk about Russia Tuesday night. It is natural for him to "be busy with American affairs while our president (Vladimir) Putin is busy with Russian affairs,'" a statement said.

    Chinese officials disputed Trump's criticism in his speech of one-sided trade deals. He said that such deals led to factory closings in the United States, with businesses moving their operations to China.

    A representative of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said China-U.S. trade benefits both countries.

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