Who Wants to Be an Astronaut?

15 November, 2015


It's called... the final frontier.

So, when's the last time you saw a job description like this?!

"Hi, I'm Charlie Bolden, I'm an astronaut myself, and I'm recruiting the best and brightest Americans to join me. You see, NASA's on a journey to Mars, and we're on the lookout for a new generation of space pioneers."


Here's what you need: You need a degree in engineering or biology or physics or math. And you need either three years of related professional experience, or a 1,000 hours, at least, of flying time as a pilot in a jet.


Applications will be accepted starting December 14, 2015.

And, to learn more, visit their website:


Anne Ball reported on this story for VOANews.com. Kathleen Struck was the editor.