050 Voice Mail - Leaving and Receiving


(Office ambience)


A:Nothing big, I hope.


A:Many people don't realize that they need to slow down when they are leaving their phone number on voice mail.

C:就是, 而且往往越是到最后讲电话号码的时候,有些人讲话的速度越快,真不知道他们是怎么想的。

A:Neither do I, but it is all too common. There is a simple solution which shows courtesy on your part.

C:What's that?

A:You should give your name and phone number at the beginning of the message and repeat your number at the end.


A:If the person you are calling has trouble understanding the phone number, he gets a second chance at the end of the message. If that doesn't help, he only has to replay the beginning of the message to hear it again.


A:Uh-oh, it looks as if we should start back to the office. I have a meeting in twenty minutes.



A:After all the trouble you had understanding the number, were you able to reach your client before you came to lunch?


A:I find that very inconsiderate. If you know you are leaving your office as soon as you hang up, the polite thing to do is to let others know you are going to be away from your desk and tell them when you will return.


A:That's a good idea. It not only lets other people know when you will be available, it sends a clear message that you are thoughtful as well as efficient.


A:Listen to your own greeting from time to time so that doesn't happen. In fact I recommend you change your greeting whenever you are out of the office for more than a few hours. Then make it a habit to change it again when you return.