156 Intuition 2

销售部的Steve, Faith和Katie围绕直觉展开了讨论。Katie说

Katie: I think perhaps everyone has different kinds of intuition. I'm a pretty bad judge of character, but I'm a wiz at picking stocks!

Steve: You should go to Las Vegas! You'd make a killing!

Katie: (Chuckle) That's not a bad idea!

Faith: But what Katie is doing is not exactly the same as gambling. She reads and watches business news, but her intuition is better that other people's. She can pick out the signs and clues that the rest of us miss.

Katie说,人跟人不一样,比如她自己,I'm a pretty bad judge of character看人就经常走眼。但是I'm a wiz at picking stocks. 挑选股票确是奇才,wiz, w-i-z, wiz.

Steve开玩笑说,Katie应该到赌城拉斯维加斯去,You'd make a killing! 保准走运,赚大钱。可Faith却说,Katie选股票不是盲目下注,而是她在这方面的直觉比其他人更敏感,可以pick out the signs and clues that the rest of us miss,发现很多其他人注意不到的线索和迹象。

K: I've read books by famous CEOs and most of them talk about how important it is to develop your intuition. Of course, not every hunch you have will turn out to be right.

F: That's true. Sometimes my intuition is really off! Like with my last two boyfriends.

K&S: (Laughter)

S: Intuition might play a bigger role than I think it does. My brother is a police officer and he says nine times out of ten he will just feel that something isn't right. Then when he investigates, he usually discovers he was right.

直觉也不是每次都对。除了Intuition和gut feeling,hunch, h-u-n-c-h, hunch也是直觉的意思。Faith承认,Sometimes my intuition is really off! off, o-f-f, off在这里意思是不符合标准。例如,His performance was really off recently. 他最近的表现不太好。Steve最后承认,直觉可能确实比他以为的更重要,他当警察的哥哥就说,nine times out of ten,十有八九都是他的直觉告诉他有问题,调查结果还真是那样。

K: So what should we do about this deal? Faith's intuition says there's something wrong.

S: How about if we crunch the numbers again and see if there is anything fishy?

F: Sounds good. Let's go over all the documents with a fine-tooth comb and see if we can find the problem.

K: Will do. I'll work on it this afternoon.

F: Thanks for your input, guys!

Steve建议,从头再算一遍crunch the numbers again, crunch, c-r-u-n-c-h, crunch在口语里有计算、处理的意思。Faith表示赞成,决定把所有文件重新仔细地过一遍,with a fine-tooth comb用一把细齿的梳子,引伸为仔细检查。