Happy National Napping Day!

14 March, 2016

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In much of the United States, Sunday, March 13 marked the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. This meant many people lost one hour of sleep Saturday night.

To help them ease into the time change, some Americans celebrated National Napping Day on Monday. The hashtag #nationalnappingday trended worldwide on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media users urged people to take a nap during the day. They said the rest will help you deal with the loss of one hour's worth of sleep.

Midday naps are common in some countries. There, long lunch breaks enable workers and students to rest after eating.

A teenager sleeps at a school desk
A teenager sleeps at a school desk

The United States is not one of those countries. Many American workers take just a 30-minute lunch break.

On National Napping Day, people on social media celebrated the health benefits of napping. Research shows the extra rest can help reduce day-to-day stress. Studies also show naps are also good for your heart, and can help you think clearly at work or school.

Some people tweeted about taking naps when they probably shouldn't have been, such as during a class or at work.

And not surprisingly, some of the most popular National Napping Day posts were of animals sleeping.
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I'm Ashley Thompson.

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nap - n. a short period of sleep especially during the day

benefit - n. a good or helpful result or effect

stress - n. a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life or work